Have some acronyms on me LOL . What else would you do on a rainy bank holiday, I’ve even  put the heating on 🙁

Every heard of ‘crowd sourcing’ ? Now you have, an example site is Crowdspring. What an awesome discovery, get experience and possibly make money, pretty much just what I’ve been looking for in fact. It was bought to my attention by the embracingly titled ‘learn-how-to-make-money-with-photoshop’ on Udemy.

On Crowdspring, companies describe projects and creatives submit designs, then in theory the best designer actually gets to make some money . All the other contestants get a new entry for their portfolio and some experience.

Time Management (again)

I’ve been re-listening to the Anthony Robbins ‘Time of Your Life’ course again and think I’ve started to get the idea. The RPM system of planning focuses on outcomes and life goals . What do I want ? Why do I want it ? What specific actions ? Get a big enough reason WHY and the HOW is easy.

He discusses the importance of Vision and planning as well as why it’s so important to have goals and a system to manage and measure progress. This time around I picked up a few new ideas, some good questions eg. what is my true ultimate Purpose in Life ?

The effect of the way we ‘chunk’ things on how we feel about tackling a project or activity. The necessity of commitment .I highly recommend this course ! I’ve also been working on my OPA ( Outcome Purpose Activity) planner, which is fun 🙂

User experience

Another course,  User Experience in Web design. I think ‘UX’ has become more important as the web evolves and people expect more of it. Users are less willing to battle through poorly made confusing sites when google has millions of other hits.

The key message here is that simple is always best if you want people to use your site. I particularly liked the bit on the 5 second rule, It’s got me thinking . Try it out for your self here.

Responsive Web Design

It’s been a busy day actually, I also found a tutorial on Responsive Web design. There are no fully evolved standards for implementing responsive media and this tut. talks about how you can add optimised images using CSS media queries, instead of image tags. Pretty interesting stuff. Clearly RWD techniques are still evolving which I guess makes it an exciting area of Web development. With the rush to mobile hotting up, fixed width layouts are officially passé.



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