Recognition over Recall

I’ve just seen a thing on BBC News about how Chinese people are ‘loosing the ability  to write’. The Chinese written language consists of thousands of symbols that represent what we in the west call ‘words’,  apparently.

The report says that due to  the growing prevalence of smart phones and the internet,  people in China are no longer having to remember how to write. Why ?  Having sat through the report, one would genuinely like to know, however they didn’t say.

Presumably it’s because Chinese people now  have ways to retrieve the characters with out have to remember them ? I have no idea how a Chinese keyboard works .

There is a  design principle called ‘recognitions over recall’. It says that ”

“Memory for recognizing things is better than memory for
recalling things.”

So , BBC, the real reason is not the invasion of technology, it’s simply that peoples lives have been made easier, there is now no need to waste time on the extra effort required to recall how to write .



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