Roll over PS ?

Don’t you just love it when you spend ages learning to use an app. or something and then find that it’s already out of date ? I’ve just about gotten up to speed with Photoshop , no small feat really…

Today I have discovered Sketch which seems to be taking the digital design world by storm. I’ve only just installed the trial, but on the surface it appears to be a re-imagined, re-organised  conglomeration of  the most useful features from photoshop and illustrator. It’s also reasonably priced, unlike Adobe products.

In a similar vein, I was rudely awoken to Apples new ‘Swift’ programming language a while back, having spent quite a bit of time starting to learn about Objective C. Objective C is a /weird/ language to learn, if like me you started learning  a modern language like Java first.  Swift can’t be any more esoteric if you ask me, and it is supposed to live happily and work along side with  Objective C.

In both instances the older technologies have a huge following so are not likely to disappear over night. In the case of Photoshop , this is a super mature product that’s  the De facto standard in the design world. Objective C is going to be around for many years to come too since it is at the heart of the  Mac ecosystem and there are many companies heavily invested in the technology.

I think that these are two examples of why it’s important to focus on productivity and creativity rather than on the tools and technologies that make things possible. I like to learn stuff, but at the end of the day that’s not my main outcome !

I’ve also been reviewing my WordPress knowledge this week. I did a 6 hour training course whilst cycling around the New Forest in the Sun shine 🙂 I did learn a few things , like one day I might categorise my posts here ! So far as I’m aware WordPress skills are still pretty hot, it powers 20% of the sites on the Web and 1 in 4 new sites. All good fun 🙂





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