This Week I have been mostly…


Well I think last  week has seen the last dip in the sea for a while, I went paddling on Thursday and the sea is now icy cold again ! The beach was nearly empty, but it amused me to see some bloke turn up on the nudist part and strip off his jeans and coat for the 10 mins. the sun was shining in full LOL 🙂

I’ve been doing a couple of courses on Media Queries and WordPress this week, I’m also reading ‘professional WordPress’ which goes into WordPress theme and Plugin development.  More excitingly though, I’ve gotten an opportunity to do some work on an actual real commercial Web project at last, which  I am pretty pleased about. It’s using Bootstrap’s responsive grid and will ultimately be plugged into WordPress to enable a blog posts page.

This was the first course Create-an-Online-Portfolio-with-WordPress I listened to whilst cycling around the New Forest. It’s by the same person who did the fundamentals course, it’s a lot of hacking really, but there are good code snippets included. WordPress really is as complex or simply as you care to make it.

I had the added adventure of having a tyre blow out on me. I was 18KM from home and had to improvise as repair ! I managed to stick a bit of Pot Noodle container inside the tyre LOL. The trouble was that I then decided to take a direct line across the Forest to get home ASAP , which involved wading through a knee deep bog whilst dragging my bike.

This week I also listed to a two hour long course devoted entirely to CSS (and HTML) Media queries (!) Media queries are at the heart of responsive web design, and are in fact not at all scary !

I’ve started thinking about how to implement responsive Navigation menus which has led me to this example, and opened a whole new can of worms, since I’m now off down the road of trying to wrap my head around Modernizr too LOL

( Modernizr is a JS library that detects feature availability in browsers among other things !) It seems to have had it’s day to some extent since every one is now using mobile browsers, which are pushing for rapid standards adoption IMHO


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