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Go Live!
Go Live!

I’ve recently had the opportunity to get involved with the new Web site for London based Blackstone Consultancy. Working with Cloud 10 Group here in the New Forest we have built a gorgeous new web site for them. We were able to get the site ready for presentation as part of the new branding at a trade show. It was a nerve racking experience but I uploaded the new site and put it  live this week. The customer are reportedly  very happy and I have just put live a few minor requested changes today.

It’s been a very exciting couple of months, looking at the site you would not know the  amount of work, effort, (coffee, frustration and head scratching LOL). Indeed it’s probably the mark of a good design that the site maintains an air of simplicity, despite having plenty of textual content.

Throughout the project I was looking after the technical side of things for Cloud 10 and have learned a lot out of this. Simon presented me with a great flat design which incorporated  images that  had varying widths defining  the layout. The challenge was converting this idea into a fully responsive site. I had to throw out the idea of using Bootstrap grid classes for the main layout for starters.

Out side the home page, the main content pages presented a technical  challenge due to the way the image/ text sections alternate their alignments. Because the text had always to come before the images in the HTML (so that it could display properly when stacked on a mobile), I  set the widths on the components from with in WordPress.

I’ve used WordPress custom post types for each section and gallery item, which means that the site can easily grow and adapt in line with the business requirements.  It also makes sense from a coding perspective, no one likes working with gigantic HTML files that need constant updating.

I love Web development because there are so many different things going on technically. Whether it be playing around in Photoshop, reading the WordPress codex to find out what a function does, or coding in PHP or Javascript. There is just so much to keep one occupied ! I’m very grateful and indeed proud to have played a part in getting this site on line and am now really looking forward to my next Web project !



Custom Post Types and Fields the easy way.

Adding Custom post types and taxonomies to WordPress is pretty easy, but as I found out this week, making the admin posts list show custom taxonomies and having them filterable and sortable is a PITA !

I did a bit of Googling though and came across this great little PHP class file that takes away all the pain : CPT It’s an example of how using a platform like WordPress can really save you time and effort. There are so many people using it and contributing add ons and code, it’s a real joy to work with.


In the description the author of this code also points the aspiring blogger to a superb plugin that lets you customise edit screens. Normally you would have to write a few lines of code to add a meta box, register a new post meta value and save it to the DB. Not any more, with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields )  you get a GUI built into WordPress that lets you add custom fields where ever you want. These values are stored in the ‘post meta’ table which joins via the post id.