Custom Post Types and Fields the easy way.

Adding Custom post types and taxonomies to WordPress is pretty easy, but as I found out this week, making the admin posts list show custom taxonomies and having them filterable and sortable is a PITA !

I did a bit of Googling though and came across this great little PHP class file that takes away all the pain : CPT It’s an example of how using a platform like WordPress can really save you time and effort. There are so many people using it and contributing add ons and code, it’s a real joy to work with.


In the description the author of this code also points the aspiring blogger to a superb plugin that lets you customise edit screens. Normally you would have to write a few lines of code to add a meta box, register a new post meta value and save it to the DB. Not any more, with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields )  you get a GUI built into WordPress that lets you add custom fields where ever you want. These values are stored in the ‘post meta’ table which joins via the post id.





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