PHP MVC, IOS Swift and Java for Android :-)

Following on from my last project in WordPress, I’m currently diving into a custom PHP / MVC framework based project. The site will enable a virtual market place for a workplace catering company  , so that Chefs can more readily manage the products they buy and suppliers can submit their best offers. It will be  a great example of how the infrastructure of the Web can be leveraged inline with business goals.

I’m still working my way through several large ( ok not physically LOL) IOS and Java books and have recently been looking into the the new Apple programming language ( Swift) . There is not even an Orielly book on this yet ! The really great thing about Swift is the new scripting like syntax tips it’ss cap to Objective C and   works hand in hand with a decades worth of class libraries that comprise the Apple development eco system. Android is now by far the most popular OS on the planet, however I think that IOS users are probably more readily persuaded to part with money to buy apps !

There is a bit of a common link here, all these platforms are based on the Model View Controller pattern. Design patterns in code are useful since they present the best practice approach to commonly encounterd software engineering problems.


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