Web Developer Mindset


I’ve had the good fortune to land a junior Web developer role in Bournemouth ( dip your toes in the Sea at lunch time !) I think Bournemouth really is a truly happy place, there is just a certain sort of laid back vibe and a lovely mixture of different people milling around the shops. Students, foreign visitors, business people, office workers etc etc, people on their lunch breaks !

So far I’ve been getting loads of help learning all about the companies in house PHP MVC framework. The MVC concept separates the design, logic and data into their own code files. The framework also takes care of such things as user input validation, authentication, permissions etc. It provides a lot of boiler plate code that every project needs basically.

I’ve been working with a lead developer to integrate the SOLR component. SOLR is a Web API that uses the Apache Lucene Java class libraries to create a search engine. The basic idea is that you upload index data regarding your products. SOLR provides highly optimised searching and can return results much fast than doing a full text search on MySQL. Using the MVC framework means that modular components such as the SOLR integration can be added and used on all projects within the company.

I think my learning has put me in good stead ! There are just so many things that you need to know to be a Web Developer. Every thing from PHP, Javascript. Photoshop, MySQL ( database design and Queries ) It’s all good fun LOL. I really like the way you can spend a couple of days working on ‘hard core’ PHP and MySQL ( I think I’ve learned a new SQL command every day so far LOL !) and the next day be in photoshop creating the HTML and CSS from a a design spec. Quite a varied and interesting job I’d day 🙂


I’f I’m honest then I’d have to say that getting back into a 40hour week after having had 5 years off work has been ‘a challenge’ ! It’s great to be able to finally put all my learning to good use though and exciting to be working along side industry professionals on some fairly large scale projects.

I’m still plugging away at learning IOS and Java for Android programming. I’ve had to re-start my IOS book since a new version that uses Swift has been released though


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