Time off , to the beach !

Well what a couple of weeks it’s been. It seems that I’ve finished with my latest project, although I would have liked to see it actually go live, it’s mostly done. It’s an internal market place for a large company. It’s been really exciting to see the whole project development life cycle. Demonstrating the system to the customer was pretty nerve wracking !

I’ve been building my practical skills in every thing from Database design, to  PHP MVC, coding the HTML and CSS and all those SQL queries of course !I’ve also learned a hell of a lot of new stuff, including SOLR , memcache etc and it’s been a really good experience to work on such a large scale project in a commercial environment.

I’ve already started looking around for a new challenge, and have spent much time talking to agencies this week, who mostly seem pretty positive . It turns out that Bournemouth is the ‘main hub’ for digital development out side of London.  One guy I was speaking to was saying how it’s possible to get almost £400 a day working contract! Not sure about that but I’m definiatly optimistic and feel like I’m on the right track !



Well, it’s been nice to have some time off again, and I’ve been down the beach and out walking in the New Forest. This  is  why  I love living in New Milton 🙂 It’s been really sunny too, which is a bonus. There was even some brave sole in the Sea on Thursday… really brave ‘cos that water is still COLD !

I’ve picked up my technical learning again with some vigour. I’ve done two courses , one on Agile Project Management ( sure I could have used that on my last project !) and today I’ve been wondering around the New Forest listening to a SEO course from Lynda.com. SEO isn’t the most exciting of topics perhaps, but good to know the basics I guess.

iOS and Android learning is coming along nicely ( yes I am learning them in parallel 🙂 ), I’ve just about got my head around the wacky function syntax of the new Swift Language LOL it’s like Javascript on steroids really. I’m also been cracking on with my (probably last) WordPress book that I’m going to read  . I love WordPress, it’s just so well documented and supported that it’s a joy to work with .


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