Git, time to get organised




Well I have big plans to be a hot iOS/ Android developer and I guess it was about time I got up to speed on source code management . So I ripped this Git course from to my iPod and went for a nice long walk in the sunny New Forest LOL .

I got to do a lot of tech. training when I worked for Sun Microsystems ( those were the days ) and I know that it’s the trainer who makes or breaks a course. This one on Git is by a chap called Keven Skoglund and he seems to be pretty good ie. good pace of delivery and well thought out course.

I was first introduced to source code management as a software apprentice in the 80’s where we were using SCCS in a Unix/C environment  ( I seem to remember that I was in charge of the utility scripts that the team used to check all the source code into SCCS in fact ) Well things have come a long way since then .

This course covers every thing from the origins of Version Control  and how git is different to understanding the slightly esoteric yet ultra  cool cyber hang out that is Github . Ah social coding that’s where it’s at !

Casual investigation also revealed the existence of a nice  book on Git that I have added to my reading list. It’s free which is perhaps the nicest part 🙂


I’m almost done with iOS 8 Programming Fundamentals with Swift IMHO Swift is the ultimate nerdy language. There are seemingly unlimited little tricks  and syntacic  short cuts to discover. There is a bit of a learning curve but it’s pretty cool once you start to learn about it. Tuples ? Optionals ? Ranges ? Did you know that in Swift the operators ( +, -, * etc) are actually implemented as Swift functions ? This means you can modify them and even  add you own, how mind blowing is that ?

Add to all this coolness the fact that Swift plays nice with Objective C and the Apple frameworks and you have a pretty powerful combination. This book by Matt Neuburg is worth reading for all the little insightful tips   that come from experience , especially for those types who like to look under the hood and know the whys and wherefores .




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