What’s Simon reading ? I hear you ask

Meaty Tome

Well I do love mucking around with techie stuff but I decided I needed to step away from the iOS books and Java tuts for a brief while and venture into the world of Graphic Design .

It all started  with this rather ‘whistle stop’ tour of graphic design, Foundations of Graphic Design History from Lynda.com

Lynda.com has just been bought by Twitter, interestingly.

I found this engaging  enough to embark on one of the books they recommended. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design is an impressively illustrated book that covers the soup to nuts of Graphic design History, well from the first cave drawing up to mobile internet any way. It seems to be well regarded and I think it will give me a good amount of contextual background on the subject.

Who am I kidding ? I’m still dabbling with learning iOS and Android. I’ve been hitting the Lynda.com Java courses. David Gasner makes me laugh, please enough of the Olive java class examples already.

I also have found a great new book that has plenty of ‘hand holding’ type walk throughs for using Xcode. Have a look at this… Beginning Xcode: Swift Edition One thing I am learning is that modern development for mobile is all about mastering the IDE’s . Xcode and Studio are just so intrinsically linked to their respective development platforms and languages that they are more or less intended to be used as learning tools.


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