A Whole Hill of (java) Beans

So I’ve been reading up on the history of graphic design. One theme seems to have permeated the whole experience, there is no precise way of describing any particular  artistic movement. I’ve been into Dada’ism , thought about surrealism and discovered the precursors to conceptual art n’all that, but ultimately these are phenomena that are the the results of historical circumstances and the trends and societal and technological circumstance  of the time. We can pick out   interesting and noteworthy people and admire and remember their works , but alas it’s just stuff that happened at the end of day.

I guess this is where the techy side of things kicks in, I mean in 100 years time, we will look back at a programming language and be able to say with absolute clarity, why they designed the semantics the way they did.

What I find more fascinating, is that when looking back over the history of graphic design, a lot of information seems to have been lost. The more abstract and left field ( cubism ?) subjects just seem to defy logical characterisation and descend into pretentious nonsense. Indeed it seems that a perpetual challenge exists between logic and art , communication , emotion , visual intelligence etc.

Other News…

I’ve also discovered ‘The Non designers design Book’ :  Just remember 

  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Proximity

and you’re Good to go !





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