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Some recommendations for Drupal Training

OK I’m a Drupal Nube so let’s get started !
Bargain ! I found this 2nd hand on Amazon for £12 delivered ! ( I bet it’d cost £4 to post it !)

Time to step up my CMS knowledge to the next level, I have invested in  a couple of  Drupal ‘tree’ books.

Call me optimistic  but I’m hoping for a bit of summer in the next few weeks and a bit of reading on the beach!


Watch this space  to find my Conclusions !









While I was  at it I found another book that talks about Web sites development from a  management and planning  perspective, with Drupal projects in mind. It’s written by Cindy McCourt who co-authoured the first one. There are a lot of Drupal books out there but these three seem to be the best.

With Drupal 8 on the Horizon I think we are playing a waiting game for another raft of publications soon, although it appears that Drupal does not intact change drastically between major releases.











I would also recommend this course, however the lecturer seriously needs to cheer up a bit IMHO !

Last for now, but not least have a look at this well presented  intro. to Drupal  from OS Training ( the producers of the Drupal 7 Explained book).


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