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I got a bit bored with my Drupal adventure to be honest, so I went searching for something else to learn about. Here we go, a pretty good adventure story from the venerable Barry Burd on Android development:

I have read a huge book on ‘Java for Android’ but I think this fun to read volume is going to teach me a whole lot more.


It takes a good knowledge of what you are writing about to be able  to get the point accross in 1 page instead of 10. It’s also a reasonably fun book to read, even the chapter on XML was fun! 🙂

I really need to download the code for this and have a proper play 🙂





More.js books too


Well it’s been a while since I read the ‘Definitive Guide’ but here is a not quite so hefty a  tome that might perhaps be considered the ‘readers digest’ version of that classic. I does seem to cover a lot of what was in the 2011 David Flanagin book ( I wander if there is an update coming ?) There is not really a lot of new stuff here to be honest, but it’s a great review. Actually I’ve not read the sections relating to the modern day Angular like JS frameworks… that’s pretty new I guess. Still not a bad book and supposedly partly written by the guy who made JQuery.



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