Best Android Book ?


I don’t know what it is about tablet computers, but having spent a small fortune on setting up a home office it’s pretty annoying to find myself confined to the sofa with an iPad most of the time !

I’ve been a bit tempted to move to ‘the dark side’ and have started dabbling in some Visual studio for .NET and C# . It does seem that a lot of companies still use Microsoft stuff, but more interestingly there is a thing called Xamarin that is supposed to allow multi platform mobile development. I must admit that sounds interesting although not free from what I understand ?  I have fired up my Windows box and currently download Visual Studio!

I have just finished reading IOS 9 Fundamentals, by Matt Neuburg, for the second time… well the first time I read it, we were still on Objective C so there you go !

I’ve also been skimming through all the latest free online tutorials on YouTube, there are plenty there, this is a good one from thenewboston for Android or try this for IOS from Paul Hudson

I thought that the new Android For Dummies by Barry Burd was the best Android book, however I’m onto  the new Head First book on the same subject now and I wish I’d read that first.

I’ve tried ‘Head First’ format books before with mixed results, but this one is great. It really takes advantage of the visual format and I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ve gone back to look at things in the Dummies book that have already started to vanish from my brain ! Sat here playing with the examples from both these books, albeit ever time I fire up Android Studio or Xcode it seems to download several GB of updates !
Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 17.34.59


Update to my Blog coming soon…


I’ve got a lovely new domain name so time to start cracking on some portfolio work and I might ditch the HWHAP domain since it’s a bit irrelevant perhaps 🙂


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