My Head hurts…

I’ve come across a few  web sites this week that were mentioned in job adverts. Web development is a cruel discipline as is IT in general. If you learn how to be a plumber or drive an HGV then that is a fairly stable skill. The thing with IT is that technology is advancing so fast though.

Take sage WordPress starter theme for example. Once you have got a grasp of HTML, CSS and Javascript and PHP WordPress theme development… Phew ! Why not bend your mind around WebPack, BrowserSynch, node.js, gulp and composer? It’s the state of the art!

If it all gets a bit too much have a look on stackshare a site which might give you a better picture. The site shows how various Web sites are built. The company with the job has included a link to their ‘stackshare profile’ which shows all the libraries, tools etc they use. Neat !

Also another advert said they use Polymer a library that makes use of Web components. Hmm I think I’ve heard about those a while back… here is a neat tutorial !

What I find interesting is that at the end of the day it’s often down to personal preference or opinion / judgement which technologies you choose to invest time in learning and using.

There seems to be a never ending circle of standardisation and innovation. Standardisation only seems to come about when people with money get together to discuss stuff!  I guess that’s what development is all about really, finding new ways to do things quicker either by copying and using what other people have shared or developing your own solutions.

The other way to view it is that companies are trying to attract talent by waving all these flashy new things about. I guess developers need to keep up with the latest trends.

P.S. the spider is photoshop practice in case you were fooled !


The Science of Information. Also …


Well, I’m sat here trolling the job pages and loving my UJM tweeks. Must admit it’s a bit of a roller coaster with the weather as Summer comes to an end. It goes from beach worthy glorious sunshine to sultry humidity to grey and downright miserable as it is today !

I’m on my second listening of a great course.

The Science of Information: From Language to Black Holes

I can’t say I understand half of the maths involved but it’s certainly mind expanding and inspiring me to keep pushing the limits of my knowledge. The course covers a lot of ground to say the least and I’m not even going to try to start to describe it. Go have a look 🙂

Meanwhile I’m still available for any WordPress/ Web Development roles that might be about.

Following on from my post regarding design skills, I found another fantastic book for getting into design mode,  I’d highly recommend it. It’s called ‘Basics of Design, layout and typography‘ by Lisa Graham.

As you can see, I’ve also been enjoying the beach weather so it’s no all bad.Indeed I’m surprised to see so many visitors to the New Forest area this year. It’s strange to see Wilverly Plain car park full up, I’ve lived in New Milton for almost 20 years now and the only other time I’ve seen it full was once when a bunch of running clubs held a massive race event there. ( strange really, you’d think some of them would be able to run from one of the other car parks !)

I’m hoping for a few more beach days next week and then going to get even more /serious/ about job hunting! I’m constantly discovering new Digital agencies in the local area, it’s amazing how vibrant the digital industry has become around the South coast, but it seems that getting the required toe in the door experience is remaining a challenge for me.

I guess the cool thing about Web development is that you could in theory work from the beach. The picture above could literally be me finishing my day at the office 🙂