My 2017 goals

I start to think a little more about long term goals in life at this time of year. So besides the obvious ‘loose weight, get in shape one’ here goes!

  • Get my Honda Blackbird back on the road
  • Do more practical coding/ portfolio work
  • Learn more about trendy frame works, ( Laravel, Angular etc etc)
  • Get up to the Lake District for a hiking holiday
  • Seriously sort out my garden and house DIY back log!
  • get my iMac fixed and upgraded to fusion Drive

Well I think that’ll do it for now 🙂


Fun Emoji Icons

Whilst trying to sort out a decades worth of bookmark clutter, how exciting…

I found a great site that lets you copy and paste Emoji characters.

Emojis  are unicode characters which seem to be well supported these days.

You can add them pretty much any where you type including in the favourites bar on Safari.


Check it out : Emojipedia