Free Cloud Photos

I’ve uploaded all of my nearly 40,000 photos to Google for free ! If you check ‘High Quality’ then Google Photos will automatically re-compress each photo before it uploads it. I had assumed that this would be unacceptable from a quality perspective, however it appears I was wrong.

If you find the setting in the app. to ‘ Add Google photos as a folder on Drive’ then your Mac will duly attempt to download all the photos to you Google Drive synch folder! It was here that I realised that they are taking up almost as much space as the originals. So it would seem that  I now have an extra 70Gb of cloud space for free !

I can now see all my photos on my TV and iPad or the Web. The only downer is that there is no apparent way to simply make it show all photos at random. Possibly it would use too much bandwidth ?

In other news I’ve found a worthwhile book on Laravel to keep my brain ticking over. Laravel is a PHP application framework, based on the MVC design pattern, similar to the in house system I worked with at Visor Media. The book is well written ( not many IT books are)  It’s a more stuctured and efficient way to learn than sitting through  video tutorials.

If any one is still reading this, then I’m also glad to say I’ve got my iMac re-assembled with only a few screws left over 🙂 I’ve re-placed the heatsink goo on the GPU and installed an SSD in place of the DVD. The plan is  to create a fusion drive like I did on my MacBook Pro. It has an unreliable graphics card but hopefully with the fast boot up it will be useable as is until I can get in fixed.