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online coding courses for beginners?

Hey all, i want to start learning to code from home, and im just wondering if anyone knows of any websites with courses for beginners (paid or free)

thanks in advance:)

I’ve learned various coding from books and online tutorials. They can be expensive but if you don’t mind being hunting¬†around a bit then the world is your oyster. (, tuts plus, etc etc ) There are several very good free YouTube channels, well quite a lot actually.

Many languages use ‘C like’ syntax so if you start with say PHP you will understand the main concepts.

w3schools is quite a fun way to pick up coding and covers HTML/CSS as well, which are worth knowing about of course.

I’d say Javascript is the in thing at the moment, traditionally used in Web browsers it’s now becoming more common on servers too.
You can learn the basics of PHP pretty quickly but to get the best money you’ll need to know one of the trendy MVC frameworks like Laravel or something.

Same thing with Javascript, there are many ancillary tools and utilities now that employers use ( MVC frameworks, IDE’s, SCM tools etc etc )

Basically employers seem to regard vague claims of what you know about with a lot of scepticism, you will need to be able to point to example working projects ( apps on the app store, working web sites, knowledgeable blog posts, a few projects on your GitHub account, stackoverflow answers etc)

Like someone else has said, the Microsoft .NET skills are worth big money on the jobs market but their mobile platform is pants. I believe there is a tool that lets .NET developers write Android/iOS apps although I’d be a bit sceptical about that.

Also consider courses/ books on Java for Android and Swift for iOS and the associated development platforms (you probably need to understand quite a bit of Objective C too for iOS)

Finally, definitely have a look at WordPress if you are interested in Web development, it’s good to understand what is achievable with out ever writing a line of code, you’d be surprised. It’s also a great way to get coding experience if you become interested in writing custom themes or plugins.


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