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Whilst at the job centre today I read a thing.


Programmers get so many job offers, a site made a special spam filter to help them cope

Now having worked in IT for 20 years or so and having gotten 6 months+ experience in PHP web development, I am really angry. What is it with the job market that people over the age of 40 are seemingly automatically excluded from Hi Tech jobs ? ‘Bah the internet did not exists when you got you qualifications…’

I used to be into Unix support however when this went the way of Linux I found my self being pushed into more of a customer support role. It was very well paying so perhaps I was right to stay there so long, however ultimately my systems support credentials must have taken a knock.

I must admit I think I’ve had enough of talking to people on the phone to last a working life so I decided that Web / Tech should be my way forward. There are still not really that many certifications for ‘web developers’ as yet. Kind of like when I left Sun Microsystems after working in IT support for 20 years, and discovered that the industry had invented a ‘must have’ qualification to replace industry experience ( they called it ITIL)

I mean once upon a time you could stand on a night club door and intimidate drunken teenagers with out a piece of paper. Indeed I remember a time when you could leave school and realistically expect to get a decent career by plumping for a trainee/ apprenticeship scheme at a local company. Currently no one believes they will progress beyond Barista with out £50k debt and a university degree.

Web sites now seem to be two a penny however who knows what companies are out there looking to employ these skills. I have spent quite  a bit of time learning all this stuff however it seems that there are no big bucks to be made working for all the tech start ups in the Bournemouth area. They seem to be thriving off the back of graduates coming out of university locally and not to mention the constant until now supply of cheap EU workers.

The Future ? I bet there will be a market for WordPress plugins and well supported themes. Apps are still a money spinner as well. My problem is getting knuckled down to doing this stuff when I have always done tech stuff in the past, expecting to be paid !


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It does my head in, however when I look at what’s going on in out great country, sometimes I think ‘ wow, I own a bit of this country’ Does this company really do all this great stuff really just around the corner from me ? I mean, what is it to OWN a bit of Blighty 🙂



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