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Miscellaneous posts regarding what I have been up to, what I’m reading about and current projects .

Forget switching energy suppliers, phone up BT !

I’ve just got off the phone to BT and after a 30 minute conversation I’ve now saved about £140 over the next 12 months .
I was considering switching my internet to Orange but the guy at BT did his best to talk about ‘local loop unbundle-ing’ wholesale versus retail and ‘contention ratios’ trying to convince me that BT was best. BT has been great for 18 months so I decided not to risk swapping for the sake of £30 a year.

This morning I spent a couple of hours reading about the Canvas element. It’s quite interesting and will probably be at the forefront of the next big change in the web, what ever that is. I’m still finding it hard to get started on practical web creation. I always seem to have other stuff to do, like finishing patching up the kitchen window after last nights rain ( 2nd attempt at applying cement to wall to an acceptable standard !)

Mostly though I have been working my way though resources on the internet this afternoon to see what’s of (most ) value. Wandering if this justifies buying an iPad LOL ( I don’t think it does !) I still very much prefer to have a physical book to take out and about


Hello World ;-)

I have a Blog ! Why you ask ?


Well I am currently learning Web development and will be regularly updating my activities here.

I will be linking here from my main web page once it is on line ( will point to that when it’s ready )


I say ‘currently learning’ however I have in fact now read 3 books on the subject < gasp > one of them being the magnificent ‘Javascript: The Complete reference’ by David Flanagan.

It’s been a great learning experience and I am now in the process of applying all the new knowledge I have assimilated towards  gaining some practical skills !

I have previously worked in IT supporting customers on OS, Systems and Storage problems however I feel that now is the time for me to actually put IT to use for myself and am looking forward to developing my creative side whilst building on skills and knowledge I have gained in my past career !